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Aviation is our passion...Integrity is our mission

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Started by a third generation Christian pilot, Wings of the Wind, LLC has a diverse repertoire of services offered.  As an avid pilot, aircraft owner, and CFI, it only makes sense to share the joy and opportunities with others through flight instruction.  Having learned photography in high school, this hobby turned profession has been continuously developing ever since.  Writing is a more recent skill, learned in seminary and fostered through writing ministry letters and aviation related articles.  And with a lifelong love affair with airplanes, learning to manage aircraft was a natural progression, and an exciting challenge, after learning to fly them.  In short, at the heart of everything done by Wings of the Wind, LLC, is an energizing faith in Jesus Christ, a driving passion for all things aviation, and a desire to serve others with God-given talents, gifts, and skills.


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Flight Instruction

A love for all things aviation starts in the cockpit.  Whether you are new to general aviation or have been indoctrinated into the love of flight by friends or family, Wings of the Wind can help you attain your dream of flight.  And if you are already a pilot, we can keep you flying or help grow your flying skillset.


Photography of aircraft in flight or on the ground, of people, and of events, buildings, and foreign lands.  Quite a bit of this photography has been featured in aviation publications, posted in airports, and been enjoyed on social media.

Aviation Writing

Articles related to aviation events, trips, and airshows; it may seem that the focus is on airplanes and aviation, but these are the means and writing the medium for bringing to light the stories of the people behind the planes and those who organize the events.

Aircraft Management

Ensuring your aircraft is safe, airworthy, and ready when you are is our focus.  A balance of convenience, integrity, and economy keeps your aircraft maintained, updated, cleaned and stocked in preparation for every flight.

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Ben Keirn

Ph: +1-260-229-1992



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